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September 1–1 2013
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September 1–1 2013


September 1–1 2013


AIGA/NY Mentoring Program pairs creative professionals with talented students from the New York City High School of Art and Design. The program kicks off in the fall and gives professionals the chance to make a difference in the life of an ambitious young artist.

Last year’s activities included a gallery show in the village in collaboration with Green Patriot Poster Project, an Etsy workshop, party at MAD and mentor networking events.

It’s not too late to join the program. We are accepting applications for the 2012-13 school year. If you are interested and an AIGA/NY member, please email Katie at for an application. The application deadline has been extended to Wednesday August 29th.

Our Mentoring Program pairs students from New York City’s High School of Art and Design with professional AIGA members. Mentors expose students to the working environment, paying attention to not only Graphic Design but also to the High School’s majors of Fashion, Architecture, Photography, Illustration and Film. The Mentoring Program also participates in social outreach that extends the students’ awareness beyond the workplace into the community.

Mentor/ student pairs meet one-on-one for two hours every other week. Often, mentors and students form lasting bonds and remain in contact after graduation.

How are mentors selected, screened and trained?
Potential mentors are required to attend a three-hour training and orientation session, where they receive intensive training, participate in role playing and are fingerprinted. Personal and professional references must also be provided by the prospective mentor. Mentors are encouraged to meet with the program coordinators to ensure appropriate pairings.

The Office of Strategic Partnerships, which oversees the New York City Mentoring Program, reviews the mentor’s application and the school’s and organization’s coordinators carefully match students with mentors based upon shared interests.

What is the time commitment?

Once matched, the mentor is expected to make a time commitment of meeting with the student one hour each week or two hours bi-weekly, for a total of four hours a month. The mentor is also asked to make a year-long commitment to the program and to participate in an evaluation process. These requirements are important to ensuring the consistency and continuity that make for a successful mentor-mentee relationship.

What is expected of the mentor’s company?
Every week or every other week, mentors meet with their students after school, during or after work. Companies are encouraged to be flexible in allowing their employees to participate in this program and are encouraged to allow pairs to meet during regular office hours at the job site.

What do pairs do together?

The activities that a mentor engages in with a student are determined by the needs and interests of the Student, while tempered by the Mentor’s experience. Mentors are encouraged to expose their students to the city’s vast cultural and social resources, in addition to exposing students to the work environment and helping with academic advisement.

Want to become a mentor?

To become a mentor, you will need to do the following:
•    Complete paperwork from the New York City Department of Education
•    Attend a three-hour orientation meeting where you will be finger-printed
•    Attend the Mentoring Program kick-off party where you meet your student for the first time