The Event

This special program of Design/Relief  features our team members in dialog with a selection of community partners. The Red Hook, Rockaway and Seaport teams will briefly present their project and process of engagement over the past 9 months. Then, they will discuss the transformative power of design in making those communities more visible, legible and navigable places. The conversation will address how design has impacted the places, the people, the dynamics between various groups, and affected the sense of identity in those places. Conversation moderated by program director Laetitia Wolff.

Red Hook team
Presenting: Alicia Cheng and Anke Stohlmann (designers)
Community Partners: TBD

Rockaway team
Presenting: Danielle Aubert (designer) and Daniel Latorre (community engagement strategist)
Community Partners: Sophia Skearns (Rockaway Artists Alliance) and TBD (Rockaway Youth Task Force)

Seaport team
Presenting: Yeju Choi (designer) and Francesca Birks (community engagement strategist)
Community Partners: TBD