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On January 14, 2016, Matias Corea delivered a talk to a full audience at the Museum of Art and Design to share his experiences and insights on creating Behance and becoming an entrepreneur.

Corea started by sharing some of his background. Raised in Barcelona, the son of an architect, his first passions were jazz saxophone and design. After studying and working in Spain, he came to New York City and found himself freelancing. Frustrated with the lack of exposure for designers and artist, Corea came up with an idea which would become Behance, now one of the most popular online portfolio platforms.

He and his business partner, Scott Belsky, designed and built everything for the website, graphics, and branding. While building Behance, Corea had to become a web design expert very quickly although web design was actually the only subject in school that he didn’t pass. As Behance grew, the duo also created a lecture series and a magazine, all of which included designing advertising and even apparel. Corea acted as artistic director and was able to express his designs over many different mediums.

Corea discussed that the “power of excuses” is perhaps the biggest reasons why new inventions never get made. The most common excuses being: ”It’s not the right moment,” “It’s not polished enough,” “I’m worried about the competition,” “I don’t have time,” “Someone is already doing it.” Corea responded to each of these excuses with “Ideas should never be polished,” “It’s never the right moment,” “Competition is healthy and will always be there,” “If you don’t find the time you don’t actually want to do it,” “It’s about the execution, not about being the first.”

Corea worked with Behance for about 9 years, leaving after it was acquired by Adobe. When asked what he does now, he responded that he’s taking some time, working on his vintage motorcycles and trying to, “live a life.” He took a tangent to address if “two weeks of vacation a year sounds right,” joking that we are given, “two days a week so we don’t die, and two weeks a year so we don’t kill ourselves.” He suggested that this system was developed 300 years ago, and probably should be changed.

Corea wrapped up by quoting Richard Saul Wurman, the American architect, graphic designer and creator of TED. He was inspired by Wurman’s quote; “When I’m asked ‘what do you want in life’ I say ‘I want interesting days.’” This is a mission that Corea can relate to: the desire to live well and make what moves you.

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Event Information

For Matias Corea, transitioning from designing for printed media to designing for the screen wasn’t a choice but a necessity. Behance was a huge challenge at an unexpected scale. But who is prepared to start a company the first time around? In this talk he’ll share some of the most important lessons learned from his time at Behance.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Matias Corea graduated in Graphic Design from La Massana Art School. In 2002 he moved to NYC to pursue a new phase of his life and work. His US career began at AR Media  working under the guidance of Michael Ian Kaye who instilled in him a respect for design as a craft and typography as art form.

In 2006 he co-founded Behance to which he would dedicate the next nine years of his life. As Head of Design he led the brand identity and design of all Behance products in a wide array of media. His work has earned a Type Director’s Club Award and several Webby awards.