The Event

On the heels of our first Citizen Designer Now event in December, and the Citizen Designer Pledge, we’re hosting a second town hall. The goal: To help further spread inspirations and lessons for how each of us can engage with civic causes.

We’ll do that in two ways. First, we’ll host a panel discussion that showcases inspiring figures from the world of civic startups. Then, we’ll ask audience members to share what they’ve learned about how to get engaged—and what causes they’ve found that need our community’s support.

Join us for inspiration, knowledge sharing, and community building!

Cliff Kuang, head of product at Fast Company and a steering member of Citizen Design Now!

Catherine Vaughan, CEO of Flippable, a startup that mobilizes contributions to tightly contested local races
Sha Hwang, Co-founder of Nava, which creates software that improves how our government serves people
Mollie Ruskin, founding member of the United States Digital Service
Jason Shen, Product Manager at Etsy and participant of Civic Hall Labs

Call to action
1. Help us spread the word. Big news: 68 companies and 425 designers took the Citizen Design Pledge. Our vision is to get even bigger, and to partner with other ambitious organizations. So please, circulate the pledge to your networks. Questions? Email us.

2. Tell us what’s out there. We’re collecting information on startups and organizations working on today’s pressing civic issues. If you’re currently working with or are aware of an organization that is looking for designers, please fill out this form and we’ll share it with our CDN! network.