Design/Relief case study is out!

Case studies are useful tools to tell the story of our collective impact, so here is the Design/Relief final case… Read More

21 April 2015

Design/Relief short documentary film, February 2015

Visible, Legible, Navigable This short film documents the Design/Relief initiative from start to finish. As one of the initiative’s main… Read More

17 March 2015

“Dear Rockaway” inserts in The Wave

Rockaway’s local newspaper, The Wave, one of the oldest New York weekly, was one of the “Dear Rockaway” partners. Kevin… Read More

12 June 2014

“Dear Rockaway,” posters, organized guerrilla

In order to further broadcast the “Dear Rockaway,” voice throughout the neighborhood, graphic designers Danielle Aubert and Natasha Chandani, co-founders of… Read More

6 June 2014

“Dear Rockaway,” Stencil Workshop

On April 26, The “Dear Rockaway,” team recruited volunteers for an fun, educational, and participatory event putting stencils out on… Read More

4 June 2014

Design/Relief, Making Place teaser, May 2014

This short video gives an overview of the context for the Design/Relief initiative with footage shot between October 2013 and… Read More

1 May 2014

Recording Rockaway Oral Histories

From mid February till end of April, members of the Rockaway team conducted interviews one-two days a week in Rockaway,… Read More

16 April 2014

TeamRock Visioning the Rockaways

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS MEETING at B90th Street, DECEMBER 4, 2013 All Photos: Carolyn Louth and Daniel Latorre Knights of Columbus Rockaway… Read More

11 January 2014

Rockaway Farm Site Visit

TeamRock Visits Edgemere Farm, November 02, 2013   Food entrepreneur David Selig invited us to visit his new venture, an… Read More

2 November 2013

Doctors of the World’s Rockaway Clinic Visit

Doctors of the World [DoW], a relief group usually found in countries devastated by war, has opened its first US… Read More

2 November 2013

Rockaway, 11 miles into the water

NYC Beachtown At the end of the A-train, a sliver of land just eleven miles into water, separating Bay from… Read More

1 November 2013