SITE VISIT, OCTOBER 21, 2013 – Photo: Laetitia Wolff
With the SSS team on a windy afternoon we visited an EDC-owned box-like building, located under the steel cathedral of the elevated FDR. A vitrine with glass doors, what could this empty space, be for Design/Relief SSS team? It marks the frontier between Old Seaport and the piers, front and back, old and new, car noises and sea smells, brick and sand. The in-between open space bustles with activities, tourists looking for information amongst (too) many booths, vendors and bike rentals, old ship visitors and pier strollers. SSS is a point of view to all our Design/Relief sites, all connected by ferry (Red Hook and Rockaways both accessible from nearby Pier 11). D/R SSS could be a hub, a dynamic info center about maritime history and its merchants, a water lab looking to the future of waterfront ecologies, a special spot to gather and share waterline stories. Then, there is the potential of the new Pier 17 to come, looking out and on to the harbor. How do we connect this perspective to the deeper roots of Old Seaport?

SSS team meeting under the elevated FDR – Photo: Laetitia Wolff

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