While over the summer the HUB website was getting ongoing backend fixing by our dedicated programmer friend at InDepthMarketing working closely with co-designer Anke Stohlmann, the redhookhub.org url started to gain public participation, slowly but surely. The site has been up and running for a few weeks now, although the actual bulletin boards are being installed in situ this month.
The regular filtering of content through this web portal, as envisioned by our team, will be ensured by the newly recruited coordinator for the HUB website, Dabriah Alston, a graduate of Stony Brook University (with a Master’s degree in Adolescent Counseling), with 10+years experience in nonprofits and a long time Red Hook resident.

“One day, while speaking with my father – also a long time Red Hook resident – I complained of missing yet another community meeting due to the lack of centralized information. I wish there was a place, one place where all community information and events were located.”

A few days later Dabriah came across the HUB Coordinator job posting and promptly applied. Dabriah will attend to the various components of the Red Hook HUB–the local bulletin boards, weekly bulletins, a website, hotline, and social media presence to collect Red Hook neighborhood information and organize it for easy dissemination back to the community. Such unique position, which was recommended by our team from the get-go to make the HUB truly a sustainable project, is now under the supervision of our main partner, the Red Hook Initiative.

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