Design/Relief case study is included in PROUD’s final report!

PROUD (which stands for People Researchers Organizations Using Design) is a three-year long European Union-funded initiative, activating a consortium of city governments, academic institutions, human-centered design and innovation labs, dedicated to exploring various approaches to co-design. Over a period of three years–and many conferences, workshops, exhibits, visits and cross-cultural collaborations later–PROUD facilitated the exchange of knowledge between co-design practitioners to reach about 100,000 people.

Program Director for Civic Initiatives Laetitia Wolff was invited to present the Design/Relief initiative at the final Proud Prom event, in Eindhoven, the lead city on the initiative, during the fall at Dutch Design Week, along with Rachel Cooper of University of Lancaster, and Adam Reineck of IDEO to name a few of the guest speakers.

Subsequently the AIGA/NY project was included as one of the nine “must see” case studies of co-creation “that works,” in the final Proud Travel Guide, the initiative final toolbox. Our story, among the few selected, demonstrates how design and people’s engagement can help generate truly innovative, impactful projects – whether in community development, mental health service, in the experience of the prison system, hospitals or public school environments.

Design/Relief case study is included pg. 71-73.
You can download the entire PROUD toolbox here


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