In response to our first Citizen Designer Now town hall, we’ve published an event recap and a call to action. Read about and sign our Citizen Designer Pledge.

Individuals commit to:
• Voting in every local election open to us, not just once every four years—while encouraging our friends and family to do the same
• Choosing at least one cause to focus on for learning, knowledge sharing, and volunteering
• Meeting with fellow Citizen Designers to share stories, tools, learnings, and new action items at least once a quarter
• Attending a local governance session once a quarter

Companies commit to:
• Dedicating resources to two civic causes per year
• Donating time or resources to support the broader community of citizen designers—whether by serving as host, organizer, or sponsor
• Encouraging employees to either donate one working day a quarter to civic causes — more if possible — or participate in internally led civic projects

Citizen Designer Now! commits to:
• Creating a resource, whether by email or web, to link worthy organizations in need of services with individual designers who want to help
• Organizing social events that link the design community with worthy civic groups
• Organizing meet-ups that:
– Showcase inspiring work being done to improve our social fabric
– Allow organizations in need to share the problems they’re tackling

In 2017, we will dedicate ourselves to solving problems larger than the ones we already know. We will be heard through the things we do. Sign the pledge now.


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