AIGA/NY Inclusion in Design: cALL for Ideas is a series of events open to the entire design community to discuss, refine, and incubate ideas on how to solve the most pressing issues of exclusion facing the NYC design community.


AIGA/NY is committed to nurturing open dialogue and to evaluating our community’s shortcomings as well as our contributions. AIGA/NY will host a series of town halls, roundtable discussions, and events, to provide opportunity for frank discussion, evaluation, and innovation on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion. We will do so in the following steps:

1. Listen
AIGA/NY Inclusion in Design: cALL for Ideas is an open invitation to the design community to join us in a series of town hall events to listen, share, identify, and discuss how we might address issues of exclusivity, bias, privilege, and inequity in our own profession.

2. Refine
Themes and ideas that emerge from town hall events will be captured and brought to a roundtable/workshop setting, where members of the town hall will be invited to further discuss, refine, and shape these ideas into viable proposals submitted to AIGA/NY.  The format aims to engage a wide participation and to create opportunity for innovation and problem solving.

3. Activate
Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of jurors from across the profession. Top jury selections will be awarded funding and support from AIGA/NY to assist in the implementation of project proposals. Design community will have an opportunity to become directly involved in the projects conceived, incubated, and born out of the first in a series of cALL for Ideas!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to listen to, learn from, and create with our community. As designers we have unique tools to inspire social change and engagement. So let’s work together towards a more equitable world here in our city. Join us!

Past events
Town Hall Diversity in Design: cALL for Ideas